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A day near the coast of North Devon

By Kirsti Norris, Aug 3 2014 08:01PM

On a blissful day in early June, Neil Spencer and I held a "Reconnect and Find Your Strength" workshop in Georgeham, close to the North Devon coast. The setting was fabulous, being outside all day, we were held secure in a lush green quarry, with a fire to keep us centred, warm, and of course providing our essential hot water for tea! After a feast of a shared lunch, we left the nest of the quarry, walked up over the fields, and settled in the deep meadow grass overlooking the Atlantic ocean. We lay down for some visioning exercises, and found that we just needed some time to be there, held and nurtured by the tall grass and flowers. We left people-shapes in the meadow, our version of springtime snow angels, as we ambled back to the fire for a brew. Such a special day, we were blessed with the land, the weather and the people who we shared the day with. Here's some photos of the day. Many thanks to those who came along!

Reconnecting by the fire
Reconnecting by the fire
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